Think of your skin as your canvass; you get to create whatever you want on it. Of course, if you want a great outcome, you’d have to put in the work, and that’s where we come in. This article will explore the primary ways you can keep your skin healthy and radiant all year round.




7 Things to Do for Healthy Glowing Skin


  1. Use Sun Screen


Extended exposure to the sun rays can accelerate the ageing process if not properly managed. So essentially, you’d wind up looking older than you are. The suns UV rays also increase your risks of developing skin cancer. So yes, while you enjoy your day in the sun, it is essential to think of your skin. Applying good sunscreen or lotion with SPF can protect you from these ageing rays and keep you looking radiant.


  1. Stay Covered


Besides applying sunscreen, protecting your face and delicate body parts from direct sun rays is crucial. A wide-brimmed hat and stylish sunglasses should be part of your beach day assemble; they help protect you from sunburn.


  1. Stay Hydrated


Healthy skin begins with what you ingest, and water is one of the most beneficial things to drink. Water hydrates you and gives your body a chance to flush out toxins. We advise that you up to your intake of water once the weather starts to warm up so that you can replenish the skin cells. Remember, the hot weather can dry out your skin quickly and leave it looking shrivelled.


  1. Moisturize


Take advantage of the rejuvenating effects of moisturizing soaps and cleansers at bedtime. Use these gentle soaps to wash off all the bacteria that may have accumulated on your skin during the day and finish off with a soothing, moisturizing cream.


Lightweight moisturizing soaps and creams help lock in moisture in your skin cells. The locked-in water keeps your skin looking smooth and radiant all day long.


  1. Antioxidant Cream & Lip Balm


Don’t forget the skin around your eyes; protect them with a lightweight antioxidant cream. Oh, don’t forget your lip balm! Dry, cracked lips are certainly not markers of healthy skin.




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  1. Exfoliate


Exfoliating helps you remove the dead skin cells of your epidermis and brings clear, wrinkle-free skin to the surface.


Stay off facial scrubs; they tend to cause minor abrasions on your skin that can become infected if care is not taken. Instead, we recommend trying out chemical exfoliators like the standard face peel to remove the dead skin cells.


People with sensitive or dry skin should exfoliate with the peel at least once a week. Other skin types should exfoliate a bit more often.


  1. Get Professional Care


We advise that you book an appointment with the professionals for all of your beauty treatments. Glamcode offers you professional treatments like chemical peel, micro dermal abrasion, and so much more. These treatments leave your skin thoroughly refreshed and glowing!


How to Revamp Your Skincare Routine


If you have a skincare routine that needs revamping, then scroll down to find helpful tips. Remember that to have healthy, radiant skin all year round, you have to be consistent with the proper routine.


Step 1: Healthy Lifestyle Goals


  • Drink Water


A glass of warm water is a great way to start your day. If you like, you can add a slice of lemon to spice things up a bit. Remember, the goal is to drink at least two litres of water daily.


  • Take a Walk


Vitamin D is great for your skin. Take a 20-minute walk early in the day to expose your skin to nature’s goodness.


  • Get Enough Sleep


All the skincare regimens in the world cannot give you glowing skin if you do not get enough rest. Doctors recommend that you sleep for 6 hours a day to give your body time to heal and do its magic. If you are sleeping poorly, you run a high risk of winding up with eye bags and flare-ups.


Step 2: Prepare for Success


  • Seek Professional Advice


It is best to start your skincare journey on a fresh slate. Find out what your skin needs from the experts and learn how to achieve your skin goals. Our mobile beauty technicians can consult with you from the comfort of your own home.


  • Cleanse Your Skin


Each day is a new day to pursue your goal of healthy, glowing skin, so start with a clean face. You can use a gentle cleansing foam to rid your skin of built-up dirt without stripping it of its natural oils.


Step 3: Get Into a Routine that Works


  • Moisturize


Find the perfect moisturizer for your skin so that it is never dry. Dry skin is prone to breaking and wrinkles. Surely you don’t want that.


You can step up your game by adding a soothing serum that prepares your skin for the day. We recommend vitamin C and retinol serum; they work wonders.


  • Relax


Schedule a spa treatment at home to help you relax and ease away the stress of the day. The beauty treatment should also include facials and facial massage to help unclog your pores and remove the wrinkle lines.


Also, massages help stimulate blood flow to your skin and boost the reduction of endorphins (your happy hormones). So you feel great and look great too!


  • Eat Right


While you focus on the outer parts of your body, don’t forget to eat right. The foods you eat nourish your body and help keep your skin blemish-free. Include foods rich in antioxidants so that you can fight the free radicals from the inside out.


  • Let Your Skin Breathe


Foundation and concealers can clog your pores and cause you to break out. We advise that you lay off makeup for at least a week to give your skin some time to breathe and heal.




Beautiful, radiant skin is everyone’s dream. It is achievable with the right skincare regimen. This article has explored things you should do for glowing skin and tips on revamping your existing skincare routine.