As the biggest day in your life comes, you start to think about what to do for your skin and hair care, before and after the wedding. Is a homemade remedy for skin and hair care enough? What can be done to make them look smooth and flawless radiating confidence and leaving an everlasting impact on the people around you? What are all the skincare kits needed for it, what to do with those things, how to use them, and when to start using them? A lot of questions swivel around your head. We have brought to you the complete guide on complete skincare for you and your girl gang for the most important day of your life. After this, you will be more confident in going ahead with the pre-bridal skincare required.

What is Pre-Bridal Skin Care?

This is the procedure to prepare your skin including your hair and nails to look better and make them healthy. People link it with make-up, facials, and other processes for the wedding, but there is more to it which we will explore in this article. The process starts with living and eating healthy and understanding your skin type. Just imagine how you will feel with all the makeup over your unprepared, dull, and damaged skin. It will have a more damaging effect on your skin and won’t provide you the confidence to get snapped with people. You do not want to be hesitant to show your wedding album to any of your friends and relatives for your complete life.

When to Start?

As early as possible. Taking care of your body should always be your priority and you should not wait for any occasion. However, in these busy times, especially if you are a working woman, it becomes a bit difficult to keep up with the skincare routine. Three to Four months is OK for a busy person to rejuvenate the skin, hair, and nails. For a person who is not working and has enough time for marriage, then start before six months.  

How to Start?

Start by preparing your skin, hair, and nails just like a carpenter prepares his artwork before giving a finishing touch. You may start by following as below –   Skin type - Everything starts with the knowledge of the skin type you have. All skin types need the care of different magnitude. You can consult with any skincare specialist to know more about your skin type and how to maintain it before you become a bride. Here are some suggestions for different skin types in short which can come in handy for you.  


Normal Skin -          Stay Hydrated -          Regularly clean your skin, hair, and nails. -          Adopt normal procedures for overall care.
Oily Skin -          Drink more water -          Avoid fry and junk food, including healthy cooked food with salad, curd, and a lot of fruits. -          Include Vitamin C in your diet like lemon etc. -          Use face packs regularly, use warm water to clean, exfoliate regularly followed by moisturizing. -          Avail skincare salon services on a regular basis
Dry Skin

-          Stay hydrated, drink more minimum of ten glasses of water.

-          Add healthy oil/ghee to your diet.

-          Eat lots of fruits, milk, cheese, and butter along with dry fruits.

-          Add fruits like papaya or avocado to your face apart from the regular face packs.

-          Always use a Moisturizer after any skincare activity.

    Sleep – Healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and hence your skin, hair, and other body parts. You may make a note that stress is one of the main factors for skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, pilaris and can change your skin complexion. It is important to take rest and sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every day. You need to de-stress to repair all the damage done to your body. Daily Yoga session and meditation helps to relieve stress from your mind and also reduces dark circles around your eyes.  Diet – Eat a lot of organic food, vegetables, and fruits for the natural supply of antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals for skin, hair, and nails. Keep hydrated with a minimum of seven to eight glasses of water daily. Junk food is a junk, try to replace it with healthy alternatives like sprouts, fruits, coconut water, etc. If necessary, please check with a dietician for any nutrition gap and do the needful. \"diet Make-up – Apply minimum make-up and use warm water to clean it off properly, gently scrub it off your skin. Use moisturizer to hold the moisture overnight. Always use reputed cosmetic and skincare brands. Home remedies – What’s better than dadi amma ke nushkhe to keep it simple and effective. It is natural, extracted from Ayurveda, and has no negative effect on your skin and hair. Haldi or Turmeric powder paste is not only for the Haldi ceremony. Use it as a face pack along with honey, curd, Aloe Vera, and papaya in equal proportion. You may use Chandan based on its availability. Multani Mitti – It enhances your complexion, soothes the skin, and improves skin texture.   Massage – You must try for massage as it relieves stress and improves blood flow under the skin. You must get your hands and foot massage daily before bed, and you do not need anyone’s help in this.  Above all, one should daily make the routine of cleaning the skin followed by Moisturizing. Scrubbing can be done two to three times a week. Similarly, for Hair, apply coconut oil, use a suitable shampoo and conditioner, take a protein-rich diet for healthy hair and scalp.  

What to expect from Pre-Bridal Sessions?

Once you have started taking care of your skin and appoint experts from salons who will take care of your pre-bridal skincare. You may expect the following services from them for two months before the wedding–   Pedicure and Manicure – One of the most neglected and underrated parts are the feet and then the hands when it comes to taking care of any special occasion. Pedicure helps to relax your leg muscles and get ready for the sangeet and dance ceremony with your loved ones, the moments that you will cherish throughout your life. In manicure, cuticles are removed to give clean look to your nails. Apart from that proper massage is done for blood circulation beneath the nails to improve the overall health of the nails as well as hands and feet.   Body Wax – There are different types of body wax available with salon services. You may consult with specialists which will suit your skin type. It is done Four to Five days prior to the wedding. It also comprises taking care of any kind of allergy and red skin patches after waxing including moisturizing.   Hair Care – It is advised to go for it about two to three months before your wedding. It is a bit time taking as hairs and scalps need special care to nurture to a shining and glossy natural look. It involves Hair Spa to take care of dryness, straightening of hairs to remove the frizziness, and cleaning according to the length of the hair. Hair coloring is not an overnight exercise, it should be considered one to two months back with the salon.   Facial – This is the most important activity for your face which includes, steaming, exfoliating, face masks, creams, lotions facial massage and many more for clean and smooth skin. If you have dry skin, then it is a must. For oily skin-deep cleansing will also be included to clean the excess oils and shrink the pores.  Threading – Getting the unwanted facial hairs from eyebrows and other places gives a smooth and streamlined look. It may involve waxing near the lip areas. This can be done three to four days before the wedding.  

Why take Pre-Bridal Care service?

Wedding is one of the important days in your life and makes sure you get it right when it comes to skin and hair care. Pre-Bridal skin care will not only provide with you smooth skin and hair but adds to your confidence which radiates beauty and flamboyance which will be captured in your and other near one’s memories to cherish for a lifetime. Be that bride who melts the heart of the onlooker and your loved ones.  

How to get Pre - Bridal Care services?

There are many expert salon services that bring care to your home. They are experts in understanding your needs and delivering them through their services. With the lesson learned from the current pandemic, it is suggested to opt for home salon services as it saves time and money. Get pampered at your home in comfort and safety without setting your foot outside your home.   If your wedding bells have started ringing, start with the above-given tips. Make it a habit for a beautiful, smooth, flawless, radiant, and clean look not only for the wedding but for your life.