Admittedly! Motherhood comes with its own set of the dilemma of excitement & challenges, which are both - mental and physical. Childbirth is a different level of experience filled with something so magical and empowering. Post-pregnancy - your body is busy overcoming lots of changes that could be hormonal, regular, physical, or emotional that leave your skin & hair affected. For this reason, your hair & skin requires more attention to restore their natural strength & glow. 


Here are the few points that need to be taken care of by new moms to stay young and beautiful forever.


Drink & Drink - Yes, drinking lots and lots of water is good for every woman but essentially good for a new mother. It helps your body to get back to normal and supports the uterus to shrink back to its actual size. 


Every pregnancy is different for different women - while coping after pregnancy a women's body faces several problems like constipation, poor digestion, dehydration, skin allergies, hair fall, etc. Drinking an ample amount of water plays an important role to overcome these issues. 


So, dear new moms to keep your body happy, healthy, and beautiful keep drinking a glass of water after each hour. 


  • What can help you with this? You can buy a tumbler or flask with the ML mark, with which you can track the amount of water drinking in a day. 
  • There are lots of fruit-infused bottles available in the market with which you can make your water more freshening and healthier. It is good for your skin as well. 
  • Replace the normal drinking water with warm water that will help your body to overcome your pregnancy weight and belly fat.
  • You can boil the water with different ingredients like ajwain, saunf, and cumin seeds - these secret ingredients are beneficial for your reproductive health. 


Do Some Exercise - For new mothers, it is not easy to take out time for exercise or yoga. But skipping exercise post-pregnancy is not a good idea at all. As per research - new mothers involved in workouts or yoga sessions after childbirth are less likely to suffer from weight gain, uneven fat, thyroid, and other health issues. 


It is highly recommended for new mothers to take out at least half an hour or more to perform some simple exercise, meditation, or yoga. 


  • Try to consult an expert before starting the physical workout session that is important to perform all the postures correctly while doing exercise or yoga.
  • If you are facing any problem while doing physical exercise, kindly consult your gynecologist for the same.
  • You can make a to-do list that will help bring out time for exercise as per your baby's sleeping time or other activities.
  • All the exercises play their role to help your body regain strength, yet walking has its own sets of advantages. 
  • For all new mothers, it is good to perform the exercise under the supervision of a good instructor.
  • It helps to open the closed pores and helps your skin and hair detox








The Diet Plan - Your diet plays a vital role after childbirth to regain your energy and strength so, give attention to your meal plan. Try to eat food rich in calcium, protein, vitamins, folic acids, and omega 3.


Eat foods that have protein such as milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, and beans. It is good to make half your plate filled with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that help to stay healthy. They are rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation. Make sure to rinse fruits and vegetables under running cold water before eating them.


  • Consult your dietitian to know the preferences of food as per the season
  • Avoid frozen food. Try to buy and consume fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the market.
  • Add some dry fruits and nuts to your breakfast, do not overeat it as few are high in calories. 
  • After childbirth, your body is not that immune so, try to add immune boosters like banana, green tea, ginger, oranges, etc.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet that are rich in iron - as most of the mothers are iron deficient. You can add beetroot, bathua, spinach, pomegranate, kiwi, tender coconut, etc.
  • Calcium is essential for feeding mothers - add milk, curd, fish, banana, and more such food to your daily diet. 
  • Lose weight safely - Talk to your dietitian about safely losing weight after childbirth. For feeding mothers, it can affect your breast milk supply for your baby. 
  • Your diet is important for a healthy supply of nutrients to maintain good hair and skin health.








Take care of your Skin & Hair - After the birth of your child just like all parts of the body - hair & skin are also getting affected. The new mothers commonly complain about the problems like hair fall, stretch marks, dull skin, loose skin, dry skin, skin darkening, marks on hands and feet, and many more.


All the new mothers are busy and struggling to adjust to the timing of the new baby arrived in the family. As we have already discussed above - your diet plays an important role in healthy skin and hair.


  • For hair fall - apply a hair mask once a week or apply onion juice to the root of your hair.
  • After childbirth, your head and body need a good massage - for which you can book a home salon service
  • Hair spa and hair masks - A hair spa is good to enhance your hair health and the best way to distress from your busy plans! Also helps in maintaining a calm sleep.
  • Cleanse and exfoliate twice a day - it also helps your skin stay fresh and healthy. Use a cleanser that has antibacterial and antifungal properties and those are helpful against acne and dark spots. 
  • Dark Circles and Swallow Eyes - This is normal due to hormone levels and the lack of sleep after childbirth. The eyes tend to show the tiredness your body experiences in the form of puffed-up eyes or dark circles. Keep the eye mask before sleep soaked in cucumber juice. 
  • As we all know that new mothers are busy - they hardly get time for a salon visit, a salon at home is a great idea to relax.
  • With the service of a salon at home, you can book a self-relaxing session of full-body massage, head massage, pedicure, manicure, and other skin and hair rejuvenation services. 


ConclusionGlamcode Premium Home Salon comes with a special pampering & relaxing session for new mothers at the comfort of your home. We always reach on time as per your booked slot and could be a simple way for all the new mothers to get relaxed and comfortable. Be assured about  Covid safety as we take all the cleansing and sanitizing measures.