Is smokey eyes suits everyone ? Think again

Smokey eyes are one of the most loved eyes makeup trends. It is one of the essentials for the evening and formal makeup but can also be used for daytime makeup. This look is also quite flattering, so it is no wonder it is extremely loved and favored by women of all ages. 


 So what exactly is a smoky eye? Can the Smokey Eye be an \"everyday\" look? This eye makeup style consists of a layer of dark eyeshadow applied to the lids and mixed with a layer of lighter eyeshadow for a smoky effect, as the name suggests. Usually, the same process is done on the lower eyelid for a fuller look. Sometimes also use dark eyeliner and blend it for a smoky eye. 

 Fun Fact: Smokey eye makeup is said to have originated in Egyptian culture. Ancient Egyptians applied heavy, smudged eye makeup using Kohls and powder from crushed mineral stones in ancient times. Kohl's is still used today, as well as mineral makeup. Pretty incredible, isn't it? 

 This trend started mainly using blacks and grays, but today you can create a smoky eye using all sorts of eyeshadows. The most popular colors are black, gray, and brown, but purple, lilac, and brown are also gaining popularity, especially in the warmer seasons. 

 Although smoky eyes are usually used at night, you can also use smokey eyes during the day. Just choose a shade that's not too dark. Choose darker, richer colors for evening wear, such as black, gray, and dark brown. Choose softer browns, lilacs, plums, and taupe shades for daytime wear. 

 This article has an easy and straightforward step-by-step guide on achieving a stunning look using Red Apple Lipstick products. Before starting the tutorial, let's talk about lipstick for smokey eye makeup. Which lipstick color suits smoky eyes? 

 How do you combine lipstick with smoky eyes? 

When choosing a lipstick shade to wear with a smoky eye, selecting a shade that matches the look is essential. The eyes will be the center of attention, so choose a color that will complement the look without competing with the eyes. 

 The shades that work best with smoky eyes are light and subtle. Think pinks, pastels, peaches, and nudes (including nude and peachy pinks). These are all great options when it comes to lipsticks for a glamorous look. Experiment with these shades and see what works best for you.

When it comes to eye makeup, there are a few key makeups looks that you'll likely find yourself going back to time and time again, and smoky eyes are probably one of them. It's a surefire way to add drama to your eyes and try out a glamorous look when you want to change things up. You can take your smoky eye to the next level by tailoring it to your specific eye shape. Use this as your guide to creating the perfect smoky eye look, depending on your eye shape, so that you can rock this classic as part of your following makeup look. 

 For hooded eyes 

 You'll know if your eyelids are covered if the skin above your brow bone covers your eyelids. An important indicator will be if most of your eye makeup is covered when your eyes are open. This lack of space on the eyelids makes applying eye makeup difficult. 

 DIY Smokey Eye: Don't use dark eyeshadow on your eyelids to avoid weighing down hooded eyes. Brush it from the outer corner of the eye, swiping upwards over the entire hooded skin. This can help create space between your eyes and eyebrows, making your eyes look wider. 

 For eyes down 

 The eyes are sad, almost almond-shaped, but slightly slanted at the outer corners. This downward tilt can make your upper eyelid look much longer than the lower one. 

 For round eyes 

 If you can see the white around the top and bottom of the iris and your eyes are round, you have round eyes.

 Then, use one of the medium gray shades from the palette in the center and outer corner of the lash line and blend upward into the crease. Apply the darkest color along the upper lash line in an outward direction and gently pull the color onto your lids. Finish by sweeping the shadows under the cover.

Smokey eyeliner is a must-have for girls who like to do eyelid makeup. It adds an instant dose of glamor to any look, and contrary to popular belief, it's relatively easy to create. Whether it's a cocktail party, a night out with your girlfriends, or even a date (we're talking about a subtle date, don't worry), a smoky eye will add a glamorous brand to your look. We did our research and picked out the top 5 smoky eye makeup looks that we think we can recreate at home. Scroll to learn more. 


 1. Classic Black Smokey Eye 

 You can't beat this one! The classic smokey eye upgraded with dramatic fakeness is the look every woman is crazy about. Here's how you can do it at home! 

 - Moisten your eyelids with a primer to ensure your eyes stay beautiful all the time. - Apply concealer/foundation to create an even foundation. - Set foundation with powder to conceal. Using a fine-bristled brush, apply a medium brown color to your wrinkles and blend well. - Fill the lids with matte black and blend to blur the sharp lines (Make sure you don't apply medium brown on your crease, it will blur the smoke effect). - Apply kohlrabi to your waterline. - Blend a matte black shadow onto your lower eyelid and apply smoke. - Paint on pointed wings with a shiny liner. - Remove excess eyelashes under the eyelids and eyelids. Use plenty of mascara to complete the look. - Add a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and apply a little pigment to your brow bone.


2. Warm brown smoky eyes 


 There's something romantic about those warm fall-inspired smoky brown eyes! Here we show you how to create an interface in a few simple steps. 

 - Prepare and brush eyelids with primer, apply foundation to create a base, and cover with powder. - Apply a warm light brown shade over your wrinkles and blend well. Using a warm dark brown color, fill in the outer corners of the eyes with a narrow, round brush. Apply a medium warm brown shade to the middle and inner corners of the eyelids. - Gently blend shades so that harsh lines are not visible. - Lighten your lower eyelid with a medium brown shade. - Apply ivory/gold shade on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyelid. - Complete with loads of mascara. 


3.looking into the smokey eyes

  Smudged Smokey Eyes Look 


 Do you apply kajal to your upper lash line? Then this look is for you. See below. 

 - Prepare and brush eyelids with primer, apply foundation to create a base, and cover with powder. - Cover your upper eyelid with a generous amount of kajal. -Using a round brush, make sure to adhere to the lashes. -Use a flat eyeshadow brush and gently blend the powder to create wild wings. -Clean the wings with a damp cloth.