How to make beach makeup that lasts a long day

How to make Beach makeup that last long day?

Summer comes with long days at the beach, but that often poses a challenge to the makeup department: how do you do your makeup for sun, sand, and swimming? Of course, you can skip it entirely, but sometimes you might just want a little extra coverage, or you might just want to go straight from your towel to your drink and not want to bother with having to apply it all over. Face set. 

 So is it possible? Yes, if you approach the app strategically.


 What are the essentials for long-lasting beach makeup?

\"I wouldn't promise any makeup would last at the beach; maybe it's an afterthought of what's more manageable. We want makeup to look good because it \"melts\" into your skin. Start with a good sunscreen, followed by a matte gel foundation. Instead of foundation, use a less greasy concealer. As your skin warms up in the sun and your makeup starts to move, the magic is that you want your concealer to melt back into place. 

 What is your advice for makeup that is both heat-resistant but also water-resistant? \"A long-wearing base is excellent, as is a setting spray at the end of the makeup. Remember, keep it all pure and for God's sake, avoid all harsh lines. 

 Choose a waterproof foundation for your Face and Body if you want to resist water. It is lightweight and water-resistant. 

 How do you get a glossy look with makeup without looking too finished? \"Always keep it transparent. If you really need drama, maybe the only thing I want to dramatize is a matte lipstick, but keep everything to a minimum.

Along with your wardrobe, makeup is another great way to refresh your look. Even if you've had the same routine for years, now is a great time to experiment with what's currently trending. With most of our time in the summer, it's an excellent opportunity to pick up a few trends and make your look fresh and up-to-date. 

 And who better to give you an idea of ​​the current trends than those who have a day-to-day job of drawing faces? Between them, these makeup artists have worked to make celebrities shine in photo shoots, red carpets, magazine editorials, and fashion and beauty campaigns, so you know they're getting a good grip as they share key trends to watch. 


 Vitreous reflex 

 While it's always been about skin when it comes to makeup (I believe it's the blank canvas that makes or breaks beauty), it took it up a notch this season. 

 \"This Spring/Summer, we'll see more hydrated and dewy skin. Powder highlighters will dominate, while glass highlighters will dominate. Pen highlighter glass makes skin look like you've stepped out into the pool on a hot day. Sexy, shiny, and shining,\" says makeup artist Julia Green. 

 It's time to experiment with your summer makeup look. 




 “Floating liners are becoming a popular trend. And feel free to use other colors like cobalt blue or purple. 


 And the final finishing touch? \"A red lip of a blurred firefighter.\" 

 Dolphin skin 

 Well, let Flipper be your beauty muse this summer. 

 Michael Brown, one of Australia's top makeup artists (he's my go-to for any event), says it's all about dolphin skin. 

 \"Dolphin skin looks like the wet, glassy ball you see on dolphins when it jumps out of clear waters. So basically, let's use the usual beauty words shine and dew. Take it to the next level. 

 Light reflectors that bring shine and shine are essential, but the use of creams and liquid pigments such as highlighter, blush, and shimmery eyelids all deliver moisture. The shade can imitate and stay true to the trend of dolphin skin.


Tips for Beach makeup


1. Keep Foundation Light 

 The heavy foundation doesn't need to be used - you'll look cakey and overdone. 

 For the beach, we love tinted moisturizers - and a nice plus here is that they often have SPF included (though you should still apply sunscreen regularly!). It is also easy to use. Simply apply with your fingers and rub in evenly. Its portability also makes it ideal for post-surf touches. 

 Whatever you do, don't seal your sheets with powder. If you do, you'll end up in a mess. 


 2. Apply bronzer and blush 

 Remember what we said about powder - it's forbidden at the beach! But don't worry, you don't have to give up your beloved bronzer and blush. 

 Try ice cream versions instead. For bronzer, you can even try a foundation four-tone darker than usual. 

 Be sure to apply lightly; You don't want to look too big at the beach. Pack some blotting paper to cool if you're worried about oil and shine. 


 3. Keep Eye Color Neutral 

 Keeping the feel light and cool, make sure your shadows are neutral. 

 One of our favorite palettes for a beach look is the Lorac Unzipped Palette. It comes in 10 gorgeous neutral shades to compliment any skin tone. 


 4. Try waterproof mascara and eyeliner 

 To avoid looking like a raccoon at the end of the day, choose a waterproof version of your favorite mascara and eyeliner. Homely! 


 5. Ditch the lipstick 

 We don't like cream lipsticks at the beach - that's the recipe for sandy lips. 

 We recommend using tinted lipstick or balm instead. It lasts longer and does not yellow. 

 A day at the beach doesn't mean skipping your beauty routine. Keep it simple, light, and neutral, and you'll have a gorgeous, delicate look that will last all day as you sit cross-legged in the sand.