How to Maintain Your Post Facial Glow: 5 Dos and Don’ts
How to Maintain Your Post Facial Glow: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Regular skin facials leave you with a glow that is to die for. However, the challenge for most people is to maintain that post-facial glow. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help you keep your skin glowing long after your beauty treatment.


Let’s dive in, shall we?


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Easy Ways to Keep the Post Facial Glow


After your facial, your skin can be a bit more sensitive so it is essential to avoid things that can lead to an infection or dampen your glow. Here are some things you should not do after your skin facial.


  1. Do Not Touch Your Skin


Let's face it; you should not be touching your skin with dirty hands at any time but, after facials, your skin is even more sensitive. So keep your hands off your face, don’t pop your pimples or attempt to squeeze out the blackheads.


For about three days after a facial, your skin continues to purge itself. During this time, everything comes to the surface. So yes, you see a mix of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Although it can be annoying, it is a sign that your skin is healing and taking care of itself.


While your skin rejuvenates, remember that picking and prodding it can irritate the tender skin and leave your skin irritated and scarred. Surely, that is not what you want.


  1. Don’t Apply Makeup


Sometimes, your face can look a little red after your facial. Don’t be tempted to cover up the red skin with makeup. It can clog your pores and expose your skin to bacteria. Stay off the foundation and concealers for at least 24 hours after your facial. Remember that serums and moisturizers need breathing space to work their magic.


You can resume your regular makeup routines a day after the facial. But first, remember to wash your brushes and powder puffs so that you do not end up spreading acne-causing bacteria all over your face.


  1. Don’t Exfoliate


Your skin is already tender so, there is no need for you to start exfoliating immediately. So take our advice and lay off the scrubs and enzyme exfoliators for a few days after your facial. Remember, over-exfoliating can damage the topmost layer of your skin and leave it inflamed.


  1. Don’t Hit the Gym So Soon After Your Facial


It is best to lay off the gym and other workout activities for a day or two after a facial treatment. The time off gives your skin time to heal and repair itself without sweat and other pollutants getting in the way. We cannot overemphasize the fact that your pores are open thanks to the steam treatment, and you wouldn’t want sweat and bacteria making their way into those freshly unclogged pores.


  1. Stay Out of the Sun


In the days following your facial, the sun is not your friend. Those harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on your delicate skin and erase all the post-facial glow you’ve gained. So, if you must go out for extended periods under direct sunlight, we advise that you apply retinol and SPF first. But if you can, stay indoors and avoid direct sunlight.


Five Things to Do to Maintain Your Post Facial Glow


Now that you know the things to avoid after a facial, let us touch base on the things you should do. If you follow through with these tips, you are sure to keep your radiant skin.





  1. Stay Hydrated


Hydration is the holy grail of radiant, flawless skin any day and any time. Drink a lot of water and give your skin cells a chance to function optimally. We recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water daily for hydrated and moisturized skin. Trust us, properly hydrated skin glows all year round!


  1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!


We can’t stress this enough. Always keep your skin moisturized, especially after a facial. Remember that the exfoliation step during your skin facial got rid of the dead layer of skin but, it also robbed your skin of the natural oils that protect it. Thus, you must replenish and lock in the moisture by staying hydrated and applying a gentle moisturizer.


  1. Use Sunscreen and Vitamin A Serum


In the days and weeks following your skin facial, it is crucial to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and other environmental stressors. So we advise that you make your SPF your best friend and back it up with a skincare routine that contains vitamin C and retinol.


  1. Be Gentle


For the first three days after your appointment with the mobile beauty technician, your skin may be tender and a tad more sensitive. So, you should stick to gentle cleansers and avoid any harsh skincare products that will cause skin irritations to flare up. Use lukewarm water to wash your face and gently pat it dry with a clean towel.


  1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes and Applicators


Most people forget to clean their makeup tools regularly; this can be dangerous to your post-facial glow. Bacteria tend to make these brushes their home and easily find their way to your freshly cleaned pores. To avoid this, we advise that you always wash your makeup applicators and brushes thoroughly after your skin facial.


Bonus Tip: Keep Your Pillow Cases and Towels Clean


The fastest way to lose your post-facial glow is by introducing bacteria to your exposed pores. These bacteria can live on your sheets, towels, and pillowcases for a long. So you must wash your beddings and disinfect everything your face comes in contact with thoroughly.




Now that you know the things to do and avoid after a skin facial, you can maintain your post-facial glow easily. Schedule a facial at least once in two months to spice up your skincare routine. If you are looking for an excellent doorstep beauty service, then Glamcode has got you covered. Book an appointment with us today for amazing results at affordable prices.