Diwali is around the corner, and we can feel the excitement of celebration around in the air. Everyone is excited about the festival's Puja, Desserts, Diwali Party, and the most important is Diwali Shopping. The entire woman wants to get the perfect look for Diwali Party. For this, you choose the best ensemble, jewelry, and makeup that can complete your Festive Diwali Look. Makeup is something that turns you look the most gorgeous ever when done perfectly.


Here are the Diwali Makeup look ideas that will help you look extravagantly beautiful this Diwali. When it comes to Diwali, everyone feels traditional, but you also want to give a modern twist to your makeup look. Whether you are a bold diva or a sweet girl next door - we are sure that you've not decided on your makeup yet. 




The Diva Makeup: Shimmery & Glittery - If you want to get shiny & shimmery makeup - the glittery look. For the base, you need to mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with the foundation, which will help you get the dewy makeup look. After the glossy & glittery foundation base, do the deep contouring of the edges and highlight the edges & face cut. Choose a dark shade of eye shadow for the outer line for eye makeup, afterward apply a glittery eye shadow like - Rose gold, gold, Silver, or Bronze to cover your eyelid. Apply a Pink, Peach blush to your c zone, from the top of the temple down to the cheekbones, apply blush with light hands in - an upward direction. There are several options from - the cool blushes you can choose from like Fuchsia, Pink, Raisin, Berry shades. Next - take a highlighter to highlight above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes, and above your cupid's bow. Finish off your makeup look by fixing it with a makeup fixer that will help your makeup stay for longer. 


Apply Pink, Atomic Red, Wine, or Bronze Orange Shades in lipstick - overdo with a lip gloss for glossy lip color. 




Simple & Sober: Natural Makeup Look - If you have chosen the attire with which you want go simple, and minimal with makeup that will give you a naturally beautiful look. Apply the foundation as per your skin tone - don't want a heavy, caked-on look, so it's enough to start with a wee bit of foundation and add more if needed. Dab it well all over your face - from the center of your forehead, under your eyes, and on your nose and chin. Apply color corrector before foundation to cover your dark circles and spots, which will give you a flawless base for makeup. Next is the contouring, do it well after fixing your foundation with a loose powder, or compact. Choose a dawn-tinted color eye shadow - from Nude, Purple, Pink, Light Brown & Grey. Apply sleek eyeliner and kajal up to the inner corners of the eye. Smudge the down eyelids border with the same color eye shadow to highlight your eyes. Apply blush from Neutral Blush: Mauve. Next - highlight with Pink or Peach highlighter above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes, and above your cupid's bow. In the end, fix your makeup with a makeup spray fixer to lock it safe for longer. Lipstick is key to your makeup! Choose a subtle shade - from Pink Nude lipstick, Reddish-Pink lipstick, Muted Coral shade.  Complete your look with a small stone bindi. 




Typical & Traditional Makeup Look For the Diwali Party, if you have chosen a Red color saree, or traditional pink, red, or blue color dress - you can opt for a traditional makeup look by using the shades like Red, Pink, Golden, and Blue. After doing the perfect makeup base, and contouring, apply the blush from Rosewood, Punch, Strawberry, Hot Pink, Rouge, or Fushia. Do your eyes with well-pigmented eye shadow from Coral Orange, Deep Red, Purple Red, Raspberry Red, Red-Pink, Rose Gold, Bold Blue for the corners, and fill the middle part of the eyelid with Bronzer, Golden, Shimmery Red, or Shimmer Blue. When doing the base - apply the color corrector to hide your dark spots and marks. Highlight with Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Champagne highlighter above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes, and above your cupid's bow. Fill your lip with the lip color from Russian Red, Dark Pink, Wine, Plum Rose, Watermelon, Coral Red, or Proud Pink. Before applying the makeup fixer, put a red, blue, or black color bindi to complete your Diwali Party look.




The Smokey Eye Makeup - For the Diwali Party, you can take a look that will make your eyes stand out and get a fuller look. For flawless eye makeup look start by doing the eye shadow primer - apply with a brush or your finger. Next - use tightlining to intensify your eyelashes - this will help boost the volume of your lashes, apply a black kajal precisely between your lash line and your upper lid contour. Apply the thick eyeliner, and put a light-colored eye shadow to your upper lid and over your brow bone, blending it towards your temples. Fill a dark-colored eye shadow to your lid, lower lash line, and outer corner of your eye. Apply dark to light color eye shadow and smudge it well with a brush or fingertip. Highlight the highest part of your brows and to the inner corners of your eyes using a shimmering eye shadow color. Re-apply the eyeliner to the outer upper corner of the eyes, and finish it off by doing the - eyebrows, and eyelashes. 






The Hair - You can choose from several hairstyles from Zari French Braid, Diffused Curls, Ringlet Bun With Gajra, Chotli Braid, Bumped Up Curls, Curled Edges, The Sleek/Messy Ponytail, Half Up Beehive, Curls With A Floral Centerpiece, Half Bun/Half Braid, and many more. For details, you can check a few styles from one of Our Blog post link -


Conclusion: With these makeup looks you can look best and make the heads turn. If still, you find it tough to do while managing your Diwali Chores, you can book Glamcode's Makeup Artist to get the perfect look for the Diwali Party. Make sure to take care of your skin & hair well for flawless makeup & hairdo, be ready to rock in this Diwali. 


Happy & Beautiful Diwali!