A One-Stop Guide to All You Need to Know about Skin Facials
A One-Stop Guide to All You Need to Know about Skin Facials

Not many things leave you feeling refreshed like a spa treatment complete with a complete skin facial. However, the Covid-19 restrictions make it impossible for you to visit the spa; but what if the spa could come to you? 


You can opt for a DIY skin facial or reach out to Glamcode for a rejuvenating Lucknow facial. Whichever you choose, we’ve got you covered.




What is a Skin Facial?


A basic skin facial clears the pore, removes dead skin cells, and treats common skin conditions like blackhead and acne. This skin treatment is a multi-step process aimed at clearing up the skin and giving it a radiant glow.


Benefits of Regular Facials


Skin facials come with mouthwatering benefits that can be life-changing. Yes, a good skin facial will leave you mentally and physically healthier than you were before you indulged in one. Let’s explore the five benefits of a good facial.


  1. Facials are Great for Your Skin


The biggest benefit of getting a skin facial is the effect it has on your skin. It clears up your pores and tightens up your skin, effectively removing all the wrinkles and age lines. Individuals that indulge in regular facials have the telltale glow alongside radiant, vibrant, and healthy skin.


  1. Gets Rid of Acne and Blemishes


Most people at some point in their life battle with skin conditions that often reduce their self-confidence. The great news is that facials help to clear out these common skin conditions and gives you your confidence back.


  1. Improves Blood Circulation


If you’ve ever gotten a skin facial before, then you know that it involves a lot more than simply slapping on moisturizer. It includes a good face massage that gets the blood flowing in your face and head. The improved blood circulation relaxes you and helps to reduce headaches and migraines. Talk about a natural remedy!


  1. Improves Mental Health


Clear skin aside, facials help reduce anxiety and stress. So if you have been stressed out a lot lately, you should give this natural therapy a shot. After all, improving your mental health should be your priority especially in these trying times.


  1. Helps Boost Your Confidence


It goes without saying that with radiant skin and a relaxed mind, you will step out each day with renewed confidence, knowing that the world is your oyster. So yes, a good skin facial helps you reclaim your confidence.


How to Give Yourself a Basic Facial at Home


If you have a bit of time on your hands, you can give yourself a facial at home. Yes, we are talking about a way to enjoy home spa services. We will guide you through the process.


  1. Create a Relaxing Environment


You can set the mood for the facial by riding the atmosphere of everything that could stress you. One way to do this is to take a bath with Epsom salt, to open up your pressure points and ease out the stress. Another way we like to create the right ambiance is with scented candles and relaxing music.


  1. Cleanse Your Face


You can’t start a facial with dirty skin so clean up any product on your skin. You can use an oil-based cleanser to remove any makeup and then follow up with a water-based cleanser. Once your face is clean, proceed to steam your skin.


  1. Steam


Steaming helps to open up your pores and soften your epidermis. Take care not to over steam your skin, else, you will end up with dry skin. You can use an at-home steamer to steam your face gently.


  1. Exfoliate


Once your pores are open, it is time to get rid of the dead skin cells and expose the clear, flawless skin underneath. It is best to use a chemical or enzyme exfoliator rather than scrubs because facial scrubs can leave scratches on your skin. These micro-cuts can easily get infected and lead to horrible breakouts.


While exfoliating, focus more on your T-zones; usually, they have more clogged pores and tend to be the major areas affected by acne and other skin conditions.


  1. Extract


You can extract the blackheads. However, we advise that you skip this step and leave it to the professionals at Glamcode. If you do it wrongly, you can get an infection and worsen the whole situation. 




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  1. Apply a Mask


Your skin facial will be incomplete without a facial mask. The exact type of mask used should depend on your skin type and needs. However, a detox mask works well for anyone looking to unclog their pores. Massage in your mask rather than just slapping it on; it works wonders. Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes


  1. Moisturize


After 15 minutes, wash off your mask and moisturize your skin to lock in all the juicy moisture. You can mix a few drops of serum into your moisturizer for better effect. If you have a facial massage tool, use it to get rid of any puffiness on your face. The massager will help to rejuvenate your skin cells and promote collagen production.


Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Facials


  • Are Skin Facials Worth It?


Yes, they absolutely are! Let’s face it, you work hard all year long and all that hard work can take its toll on your skin and mental health. Exploring all the benefits skin facials leave you with, it makes perfect sense to get one as often as you can.


  • How Long Do Facials Take?


A basic skin facial will take approximately one hour to complete. It consists of different important steps like cleansing, steaming, extracting, and moisturizing. The great part is that now you can get this beauty treatment at home!


  • Is there a Skin Facial For Men?


Yes. Men’s skin facial is specially curated to meet their unique needs and deal with the common skin problems they face such as ingrown hair and razor burns.




You can still treat yourself to a refreshing skin facial even with the Covid-19 restrictions. Whether you choose to do the facials yourself or employ the services of a home service beautician, a skin facial remains worth it. Keep your skin happy and book a home session with us today.