A healthy skincare routine and product search will lead you to many sources of information on uncountable actions to take along with the products. This will only end you up with a lot of confusion about what is working for you and whatnot. The best routine for skincare is to keep it simple, easy to follow, and cheap.   Initial Steps You must start by confirming on what skin type you have, which will make your job of product selection and activity more streamlined. Follow by a correct sequence of cleaning and scrubbing followed by setting the right PH tone and then moisturizing to hydration and soft skin.   Here are the important 13 things to avoid in your skincare routine –

  1. Avoid Hacks –

People will give suggestions to use some daily use items as shortcuts, time-saving,s and economic measures for your skin. Some of them are as like –

  1. Use lemon – It is acidic for your skin and can result in the emergence of dark spots and cause irritation.
  2. Toothpaste – Use it for your teeth, not for your skin. It does not help to get rid of dark-spot, instead makes your skin dry.
  • Vitamin E – It is for consumption under a doctor’s prescription, not to apply to your skin. It can cause skin allergies and unwanted irritation if applied over the skin.

There are many such items that sound good but are adverse for your skin.

  1. Applying all at the same time

Do not fall under the temptation of using all the beauty and skin products shown in advertisements. Use only one product for a single purpose and avoid mixing things up as you don’t know what reactions can take place when mixed together. This can cause severe skin damage in the long run.  

  1. Avoid Over Scrubbing

Use scrub as per the recommendation to the skin type. It may help you get rid of oil and dead cells, but over scrubbing increases stress resulting in over secretion of oil. It is recommended to scrub 2-3 times maximum in general.  

  1. Do not use excess hot water

Use lukewarm water to clean and take bath. It cleanses the pore and does not cause damage to the oil glands which can happen with hot water.  

  1. Don’t mix the usage of body cream and face cream

The skin types of the face and other parts of the body are different. Body creams are made to penetrate aggressively and work inside thick skins. If you are using the same cream for both face and body, then think again. Your delicate face skin needs softer cream types.  

  1. Excess Coffee drinker?

Avoid drinking excess coffee as this dehydrates the skin and can have a long-term effect on your skin.  

  1. Taking too many showers in a day?

If you are taking showers more than two times a day, prepare to get dry skin. Taking moisturizer can help, but overuse will clog skin pores.  

  1. Restrict Alcohol intake

Alcohol is also one of the biggest dehydrators. Drink responsibly for your skin.  

  1. Sleep well

Yes, you read it right. Sleep is necessary for your skin also for the damage repair that your skin also went through apart from the other organs of your body. Don’t forget, the skin is the largest sense organ of your body.   There can be an uncountable number of suggestions you will get for your skincare, but consistency is the key. Optimize the products you use and be regular with what you do with your skincare. You also need to be cautious about how your skin is reacting to the methods you are applying and change it if necessary, to suit your skin type. And last but not the least, have some patience and give time rather than making changes frequently.