It’s your big day, and of course, you want to stand out from the crowd. What better way to achieve this than to rock a perfectly done bridal makeup! The issue now is what type of bridal makeup to choose; don’t worry, we will discuss the different kinds of bridal makeup in this article. Let’s jump on it, shall we?

What are the Trending Types of Bridal Makeup in India?

Most brides-to-be have their wedding attire figured out way before the wedding day but are at a loss about what kind of bridal makeup to go with. Well, the truth is that your makeup is as important as your attire; it can make or mar your look on your big day. Below is a list of the different kinds of bridal makeup you can step out in on your special occasion.1. Airbrush Bridal Makeup If you want spotless makeup that covers up all your dark spots, uneven complexions, and blemishes entirely, then the Airbrush bridal makeup is your guy. It gives you a perfectly natural and finished look without looking cakey.

  1. Air Brush MakeUp

Airbrushes are used instead of the traditional makeup brushes to create an even layer of makeup. It lasts for several hours, so you don’t have to worry about frequent touch ups. One thing, though, Airbrush bridal makeup can feel a little heavy when the weather is humid.

2. HD Bridal Makeup

High Definition (HD) makeup is what we see people on the TV wearing. This type of bridal makeup uses makeup to hide the natural lines and creases so that you look younger and more beautiful. The great thing about this makeup technique is that it doesn’t crease and flake over time so that you can enjoy your perfect look for the whole day. Unlike Airbrush bridal makeup, HD makeup is light on the skin, so it doesn’t feel heavy on your face, even on humid days. Enjoy a beautiful, radiant look on your special day.

3. Shimmer Bridal Makeup

If you want that extra shine and sparkle, then look no further than the Shimmer bridal makeup. It uses a technique that transforms your look from bland to stunning with an extra bit of sparkle to make sure you stand out on your big day. Metallic shades and glitter on your eyes, collar bones, neck, and shoulders accentuate your features.

4.Natural Makeup Look

The natural makeup look is our favorite bridal look. It highlights your natural features without the usual dramatic and bold colors. Natural bridal makeup is perfect for when you want to accentuate your best facial features without looking all made-up. At GlamCode, we understand that not every bride likes loud makeup, so we use minimal makeup to create a natural yet stunning bridal look.

5. Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye bridal makeup cannot go out of style; it remains evergreen and looks fantastic when paired with sleek hair. You can pair the eyes off with pastel colors and nude lips to get that celebrity-inspired look. The smokey eye look tells the story of a graceful and powerful modern-day woman who appears effortlessly sensuous!

6. Mineral Bridal Makeup Look

Mineral bridal makeup uses mineral-based products to give you a stylish finish on your big day. You get the full effect of the HD makeup with none of the heaviness. What you get is a dewy, silky finish that gives you a lush and extravagant look. Mineral makeups are composed of natural chemicals like titanium dioxide, zinc, and non-nano particles that do not penetrate your skin's barrier.

7.Traditional Bridal Makeup

Traditional bridal makeup has stood the test of time and still has the power to transform your look on your wedding day completely. It features attractive reds that look good on every bride and amplifies the whole look. With the heavy neckpiece, headband, and jewelry, this type of bridal makeup creates an effortless aura of beauty that will turn heads.

8. Matte Bridal Makeup

Matte Bridal makeup is one of the trending bridal looks right now. It works well as an everyday look but can also be made more dramatic to allow you to stand out from the crowd. With the matte look, you can play around with bold colors to create a bold yet subtle look that accentuates your face. Asides from the endless possibilities you can create with Matte bridal makeup, we also love that it is light and is perfect for all weather.

Bonus: Tips for Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Big Day

Selecting the type of bridal makeup you want for your big day is just one half of the hassle; the other is choosing a bridal makeup artist. With the number of makeup artists in the country, it can be challenging. So here are some tips to help you choose the best bridal makeup artist for your event.

  1. Set Up an Appointment with the Makeup Artist

Do you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? The same goes for your makeup artist; look beyond their Instagram page and social media platforms and book a meeting. Discuss your preferences with the artist to be sure you both are on the same page. If they offer a test run, take it. Remember, every detail is essential for the perfect look on your big day.

  1. Be Open about What You Want

Discuss even the little details like how long you want your lashes to be, how you want your hair done, lip color, if you wish to add hair extensions, etc. Go with a reference if you have one. If you have any skin allergies, now is the best time to discuss them so that you don’t end up with any skin issues on your day.


There are many types of Bridal Makeups you can choose from for your big day; matte, traditional, smokey eye, HD, and mineral makeup. We can give you that magical touch on your big day; all you have to do is book an appointment with us today.