If you are thinking of hair coloring, then you should be aware of what should be avoided for a good result and long-lasting effect without damaging your hair. Here is some FAQs for you which will guide you to be more careful the next time.  

Washing Hair Before Hair Coloring-

Avoid washing your hair before coloring. The oils from the scalp pores prevent chemicals in the dye to cause irritation. Let the natural oils of your scalp stay to prevent any painful experience.  

Dirty Hair Before Coloring –

If you realize that your hair is dirty before coloring, then wash your hair and color it after 24 – 48 hours. Use a gentle shampoo to remove any residuals and dirt, and let the natural oils take their space on the scalp.  

Coloring by Hand –

How you apply the dye to your hair also matters a lot. If you are doing it yourself, then please do not use your hand. Get it done by professionals from the salon, or use an appropriate brush. Doing yourself with your hand can lead to the uneven coloring of your hair, which may look a lot like a blunder than being attractive. Using a brush ensures the thorough distribution of the dye over the hair.  

The sequence of Hair Colouring –

Depending on your hair length, divide the hair cover into three to four sections. Lower, mid, and Top/Head sections, you may further divide each section like side hairs, etc. Do not go for coloring at one go. It decreases your chances of getting improper coloring throughout the hair length. The job is best done by a salon expert.  

Shampoo –

Many questions – how often do I shampoo my hair? Use it two to three times a week. If you are living in an area with heavy pollution and air-suspended dust particles, then use it every alternate day. It is advisable to use organic shampoo having fewer chemical agents. Chemically loaded shampoos remove the color soon with another adverse effect on your hair.  

What to do to slow down color fading away? 

Getting your hair colored is one thing and maintaining the color and shine is another task. You may follow a few steps given below.

  • Try to avoid using hair dryers and hair straightener machines.
  • Use warm water, NOT HOT water in the shower or bath.

With the changing environment and fast-paced life, many activities have become limited to self like hair coloring. Many things related to coloring are not taken care of because if the lack of expertise required in this. The best thing one can do is get it done by an expert as they are more aware of hair coloring and the technique required to do it. With the increase of home salon services, it has become easier to get your hair coloring done at a cheaper rate and at the comfort of your home. It saves your time and saves from unnecessary waiting time at a regular salon. For the safest and best hair care services in Lucknow, Visit Glam Code. \"Best