10 Easy Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bride
10 Easy Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bride

Congratulations on saying yes to the man of your dreams! Now it’s time to begin to plan your big day; planning venue, food and of course, your look. Your summer hairstyle plays a massive role in your final look.


Regardless of the length of your hair, we have curated a list of bridal hairstyles that will leave you looking stylish, chic and flawless. Let’s look at 10 of these summer bridal hairstyle inspirations.


Trending Summer Hairstyles Every Bride Should Know Of


  1. High Bun


You can choose a high bun with multi-layered braids if you don’t want your hair touching your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, this bridal hairstyle will look just perfect on you. The high bun summer bridal hairstyle also looks great on individuals with a slender faces. You can complete this look with a heavy neckpiece and light earrings or vice versa.


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  1. Half Braided Hairstyle


The half braided look is a blend of the traditional southern Indian bridal hairstyle and a more modern hairdo. This style has remained very popular through the years; the sides of the hair are braided and fluffed up at the back. The half braided hairstyle looks great on brides with square or round faces. You can rock this hairstyle with sleek earrings and a matching neckpiece.


An advantage of this look is that you get to wear your hair down without worrying about it getting in your face. You can perfect this summer bridal hairstyle by using hot rollers to add volume and a hint of curls.



  1. Traditional Garja Braided Hairstyle


The traditional braided hairstyle, unlike the half braided hairstyle, is done all the way, from the sides of the hair to the tail. It looks great on brides with oval and elongated facial structures. You can intertwine a long gajra in the nicely done traditional braids to add a touch of elegance and style to your bridal look. Alternatively, you can adorn the braids with gold plated accessories.


Indian brides can opt for this look for their big day. All you need is the perfect traditional engagement or wedding outfit (sairee).



  1. The Messy Hair Do


The simple things in life are often stress-free and breathtakingly beautiful. The tousled updo is one of these. It is perfect for summer brides who want to style their hair themselves without any help.


It looks great under any type of veil. You can add clips and pins to the tousled look to add a little more glamour. Flowers and pearls give your summer bridal hairdo that SoHo romantic air. Don’t forget to use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the entire look together.


Alternatively, you can try out the easy messy low’do, a more relaxed variant of the classic chignon. The messy low’do is the perfect summer bridal hairstyle for brides with short hair. Make a low bun and frame your face with a few strands. You can finish off the look by tucking it into your veil.



  1. Rope Braids


Rope braids is the perfect summer bridal hairstyle for brides who don’t want a lot of fuss. It’s even more impressive if you are looking to have a destination themed wedding. Don’t let bumps on the braids discourage you from trying out this look; you can get rid of these bumps with a bobby pin and hairspray.


You can create this look by running a straightening iron through your hair; once the frizz is gone, you can proceed to the next phase. Gather your hair to the side, braid it to the tips, then finish it with an elastic band.



  1. Waterfall Braid


If you love low-key summer hairstyles, then the waterfall braid is perfect for you. Part the hair at the sides, braid it loosely and pin the front part of your hair. Curl the ends of the braid loosely to add some volume to your hair.





  1. Side Braids


The side braid is the perfect easy summer bridal hairstyle for more bohemian brides. It is stylish and feminine, with none of the extra fuss. This style looks great when worn loosely; it gives off an effortlessly romantic look.


Side braids are great for summer brides that don’t want to obsess about touching up their hair. They hold up regardless of the sudden weather changes. Green or yellow flowers add extra spice to this look.



  1. Loose Waves


Loose waves look great on summer brides looking to have a beach wedding. They look great when paired with classic hair accessories like headbands, flowers and clips.


To achieve this look, start by dusting your roots with volumizing powder and finishing the hairstyle with a finishing spray. You can switch up this look by styling your hair in a half-up style with these loose waves underneath. Alternatively, you can enjoy our home salon services on your big day.




  1. Royal Phoola Billalu Braid


Give your braids a touch of royalty with this awe-inspiring Royal phoola billalu braid. You can create this look yourself. Start with distributing smoothening serum evenly around your hair, then sleeking back your hair with a fine-tooth comb. Divide your hair into three and begin braiding it, making sure to intertwine the gold accessories into the braids. When you are done, spritz some hair spray to give the braids the extra shine.



  1. Casual Straight Hair


Opt for a minimalistic summer bridal hairstyle by leaving your hair casually straight. You can quickly run through your hair with a flat iron to create an effortlessly straight look. If you want a bit of texture to your hair, then run a hairbrush through it and spritz your favourite hairspray on it.




Every bride-to-be wants to look perfect for their big day, from the bridal makeup, outfit, and down to their hair. With these top 10 summer bridal hairstyles, you can get the perfect hairdo for your wedding. What’s more, we offer salon services at home, so you can get your bridal hairstyle done from the comfort of your home. Book an appointment with us today.